Student Prize Program

The Student Prize Program is a cash-prize incentive that serves to award students who have continually strived to learn and improve, and recognises their achievements in English. Those who achieve an A-range result in any of their internal assessments are awarded a prize amount that is determined on the basis of an algorithm that accounts for the weighting of an assessment and the score achieved.

Over a short period of time, Delta has awarded over $150,000 worth of prizes and we are incredibly pleased to have played a part in rewarding our students for their hard work and resilience during these strange times. Although the SPP was intended to be withdrawn following the critical uncertainty of the pandemic in early 2020, it has been made continuously available as its impact in terms of the encouragement and recognition it represents for our students has been highly positive and appreciated by our community.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Student Prize Program was a great initiative that provided a boost of much needed motivation during the HSC year. For each assessment, all that was required was to send scanned copies of my A-range results to the Delta admin team who congratulated me and quickly processed the prizes.

It has helped me personally throughout the year by pushing me to strive for higher results, resulting in my achievement of full marks in nearly all of my internal assessments. It has solidified my perception of Delta as a place that truly rewards hard work and effort.

V. C., James Ruse Agricultural High School