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Many tutoring firms that have excelled in science and mathematics tuition have expanded to provide English tuition, superimposing their existing teaching models onto English.

However, the complex, dynamic structure and requirements of the HSC English course demand a different approach. Effective English tuition must be designed in response to each individual student’s needs, the texts they are studying, and trends in marking and teacher expectations.

Our academic model uniquely responds to each of these demands. Each aspect of our program has been designed on the basis of evidence-based pedagogy to maximise achievement in English Advanced.

Our unique, all-inclusive tuition program is made up of the following three components:

  • The Supervising Academic Program (One-on-One Tuition)
    • One-on-one Individual Lessons*
    • Unlimited essay marking
    • Unlimited email support*
  • Weekly Group Classes
    • Skills-focused classes in Year 11
    • Text-specific classes in Year 12
  • Course Material
    • Detailed analysis of your prescribed texts
    • Exemplary sample essays
    • Exam-style questions
    • Academic readings

* Included in Yearly enrolments. Available at additional cost for Termly enrolments.

We address all of your academic needs and take pride in offering the most comprehensive and effective English tuition for aspirational students.

The Supervising Academic Program

If you enrol with us under a Yearly enrolment, you will be allocated your very own Supervising Academic, who will serve as your individual tutor and mentor throughout the year.

Your Supervising Academic provides one-on-one Individual Lessons and unlimited essay marking, and is always available to answer your questions via email. They are your first point of contact for academic assistance and individual tuition throughout the whole year.

Individual Lessons

A core aspect of the Supervising Academic program is one-on-one Individual Lessons with your state-ranking Supervising Academic, which you can book as required. We recommend that you book ILs regularly and consistently throughout the term, particularly:

  • after you've received an assessment notification,
  • to devise timelines and study schedules in preparation for assessment blocks,
  • to clarify areas of confusion,
  • to deconstruct essay questions and practise exam technique,
  • to discuss feedback on written work, or
  • to seek counsel when facing roadblocks throughout the year.

Most Individual Lessons take place online as this allows greater flexibility in scheduling and minimises travel time for students. However, we always encourage students to arrange in-person lessons when it is convenient to do so, as this allows our students to build rapport with staff and peers, and make use of our fabulous centre in Epping! You can read more about our student amenities here.

Unlimited Essay Marking

We offer the most comprehensive and exacting English Advanced feedback in the state, for all forms of writing: essays, imaginative writing, persuasive writing, discursive writing, short answer responses, introductions, single paragraphs, and thesis statements.

  • Our feedback is extensive: we provide a minimum of 500 words of feedback for each 1,000 word script that you submit, delivered through detailed in-text comments.
  • Our feedback is explicit: we provide clear examples and explanations to help you improve your work, rather than simply pointing out strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our feedback is relevant: we provide feedback that is directly informed by the demands of the HSC examination, our state-ranking academics’ insights, and feedback from the HSC marking centre.
  • Our feedback is effective: we ensure that students genuinely improve their skills so that they can achieve success when they independently compose essays in the trial and HSC examinations.

View samples of our essay marking

Unlimited Email Support

Your Supervising Academic is available to respond to your questions, concerns and queries throughout the year, drawing on their experiences of succeeding (and grappling with similar issues!) in the HSC and their genuine passion for the study of English.

Whether you would like to engage in discourse, arrange an Individual Lesson, or simply ask clarifying questions about content and tasks, we take pride in providing our students with timely, exacting and helpful advice.

Group Classes

Our weekly group classes are where you gain access to vital knowledge and skills relating to your modules, prescribed texts, and exam technique.

All of this is taught to you, alongside a small group of aspirational peers, by a state-ranking academic who has expertise in your HSC prescribed texts, and proven excellence in teaching and mentoring students.

In Year 11, group classes are skills-focused

Classes for the Year 11 course are skills-based, exposing you to HSC texts and rubrics, and preparing you for the demands of HSC English. Alongside comprehensively covering the Year 11 modules, we expose students to key literary texts, movements, and methods of interpretation, so that they enter Year 12 equipped with the fluency, background knowledge, and ways of thinking that English Advanced demands.

  • We connect the Year 11 modules to the corresponding Year 12 modules
  • We expose students to HSC-style responses, questions, and skills.
  • This means that our Year 11 students enter Year 12 already equipped with the knowledge required to compose HSC-level responses to complex questions.

In Year 12, group classes are text-specific

Classes for the HSC course are text-specific and taught by an academic with expertise in your prescribed text. This means that you gain direct access to textual analysis, textual interpretation, and exam technique from someone with a state rank in HSC English.

Our text-specific Year 12 classes run in eight-week blocks and are highly structured.

  • Weeks 1–2 focus on introducing you to the module and rubric, building deep knowledge of the text’s context and form, and providing a foundational overview of the key concepts and methods of interpretation that will underpin your study.
  • Weeks 3–6 focus on modelling close analysis of the prescribed text, developing your essay writing, and deconstructing exemplary responses.
  • Weeks 7–8 focus on synthesising course content, refining your interpretation of your prescribed text, and building your skills in responding to unseen essay questions.

Does your school study the HSC modules out of order?

  • Where demand is sufficiently high, we open class streams for texts and modules all throughout the year, even if this does not align with the standard module order that most schools follow (Common Module, Module A, Module B, then Module C).
  • We have Module C classes running every term to accommodate students whose schools study Module C alongside their other modules.

Course Material

You'll receive course material textbooks for each of the texts and modules that you study, each hundreds of pages long.

All of our course material has been composed by our state-ranking academics. It's your personal encyclopedic source for textual analysis, rubric deconstructions and guidance on essay writing.

Our course material includes:

  • Module and rubric deconstructions
  • Readings on context
  • Hundreds of pages of detailed textual analysis
  • Synthesis of individual points of analysis into overarching interpretations and thesis statements
  • Exemplary sample essays
  • Essay scaffolds and guides
  • Practice questions and model answers
  • Practical guides to exam technique

If you are a school teacher enquiring about our course material, please contact us here

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a trial?

Yes. We offer a three-week trial for all enquiring students. Please note that our three-week trial is not free – a non-refundable administration fee of $385 is payable at the commencement of the trial period.

If you’re interested in a three-week trial, you can read more and get in touch with us on our Contact page.

Can I skip the trial and enrol straight away?

Yes. If wishing to enrol under the Yearly option, many students choose to skip their trial period and enrol straight away in order to gain immediate access to Supervising Academic services. Please note that the non-refundable administration fee still applies.

What is your refund policy?

A four week cooling-off period applies to Yearly enrolments, commencing from the day your tuition invoice is issued. Within this cooling-off period, you can choose to discontinue and receive a refund of tuition fees, excluding the non-refundable administration fee and a further $55 for each module of course material received. We do not provide change-of-mind refunds following the cooling-off period.

No cooling-off period applies to termly enrolments.

I am enrolling partway through the year under the Yearly option. Will my invoice be prorated downwards?

Yes. As a full Yearly enrolment contains 40 weeks of term, if you enrol with fewer than 40 weeks of term remaining, your invoice will be prorated downwards accordingly.

Please note that we stop accepting Year 12 enrolments once we reach capacity in order to maintain the quality of our services. This usually occurs in Term 2 of each calendar year.

I am not yet in Year 11 so I can't yet enrol at Delta. Can I join a waitlist to secure my spot?

Yes. We welcome calls from early-bird parents whose children are not yet in Year 11. While we cannot enrol you at the time of your enquiry, we are happy to provide you with academic advice, our staff-recommended reading list, and a spot on our waitlist.

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