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Many tutoring firms that have excelled in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) tuition have expanded to provide English tuition, superimposing their existing teaching models onto English tutoring.

However, the complex, dynamic requirements of English demand a different approach. Effective English tuition must be designed in response to the individual student’s literacy capabilities and exam technique, their school’s unique assessment tasks, and the subjectivity of each school’s marking preferences.

Delta’s course offerings and academic model respond to each of these demands and have been designed on the basis of evidence-based pedagogy that maximises achievement in English Advanced.

Our students:

  • Are assigned their own state-ranking Supervising Academic, who provides them with unlimited essay marking, Individual Lessons, and mentorship
  • Attend skills-based and text- and school-specific Group Classes
  • Are given comprehensive Course Material for each of their prescribed texts.

We address all of your academic needs and take pride in offering the most comprehensive and effective English tuition for aspirational students across New South Wales.

Your Supervising Academic

Your Supervising Academic is your individual tutor and mentor. They are your first point of contact for academic assistance and one-on-one sessions year-round.

Unlimited Individual Lessons

Discuss your upcoming assessments, devise a plan, deconstruct essay questions – work on anything and everything related to English, and receive individualised attention and mentorship from your state-ranking Supervising Academic in a one-on-one setting.

Unlimited email correspondence and remote support

Email your Supervising Academic with questions whenever they arise and receive timely assistance.

Unlimited assistance with assessment preparation

Your Supervising Academic is up to date with your school scope and sequence, assessment notifications and task due dates. Our academics are allocated to students on the basis of their experience helping students succeed at your school.

Unlimited essay marking

Delta prides itself on offering the most comprehensive, exacting, and actionable English Advanced feedback in New South Wales.

Research suggests that a consistent, timely feedback cycle is one of the most significant determinants of improvement and success in English. Our approach to feedback has been optimised and designed in response to what the evidence reveals about the most effective ways to not only improve a particular piece of work, but also to develop lasting knowledge and skills so that future compositions are higher in quality.

You can send your Supervising Academic any writing you're doing for English Advanced: essays, imaginative writing, persuasive writing, discursive writing, short answer responses – even single introductions, paragraphs, or thesis statements. We even offer ad-hoc, informal assistance with scholarship, cadetship, and medicine applications.

How it works

  • You receive an absolute minimum of 500 words of feedback for each 1,000 word submission.
  • Your feedback is delivered through both in-text edits and inserted comments.
  • We offer explicit instruction and advice on how to improve your response, rather than simply pointing out areas of weakness.
  • Your feedback is returned to your inbox within a 90-hour average turnaround period.
  • Need further clarification or assistance with your work? Book an Individual Lesson with your Supervising Academic.

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Your Group Classes

Your classes are where you gain access to instruction on exam technique, text-specific analysis and advice on how to respond to tricky essay questions – all with a state-ranking academic, and surrounded by a small group of aspirational peers.

In-depth textual analysis and rubric breakdowns

Differentiate yourself from thousands of other English Advanced students with insightful and original textual analysis, delivered by your state-ranking Class Teacher in conjunction with a thorough breakdown of the module rubric, contextual background, and key literary concepts.

Targeted exam practice

Timed, untimed, guided, and independent. Our Class Teachers model their approaches to challenging questions and offer immediate feedback on your work.

Year 11 classes are skills-focused

Classes for the Preliminary HSC course are skills-based and expose you to select HSC texts, along with a range of shorter texts, in order to prepare you for the demands of HSC English.

Year 11 classes are run in two streams. The A stream is designed for students who are already high achievers, and exposes them to more of the higher-order literary, philosophical, and socio-political issues implicated by their studied texts. The B stream is designed to build the core skills of literary analysis and analytical writing from the ground up.

Year 12 classes are text-specific

Our HSC classes are text-specific and – for our more historically popular schools – school-specific too. This means that you’ll be engaging in small-group learning with a tight-knit cohort of peers, guided by your state-ranking Supervising Academic.

We like to think of our Year 12 classes as assessment preparation workshops. You will learn all the textual, contextual, and conceptual content required for a genuine grasp of your text, but you will do so with an eye firmly upon the specific requirements of your upcoming assessment task. Class time is dedicated explicitly to assessment preparation. We have found that the success of this approach is very clearly reflected in our students’ results.

Your Course Material

Module and rubric deconstructions

Students who have achieved a state rank in English understand that the rubric is the most critical resource to guide your study of the text and all of your written work. Our students receive a textbook for each of the modules that they study at school. Our state-ranking academics provide line-by-line commentary on your rubrics, explaining the ways of thinking required for your upcoming study and clarifying the most efficient and effective ways to prepare for prospective essay questions.

Readings on context

Higher-order comprehension of a text is only possible when you have a deep understanding of its compositional context. Each of our textbooks provides comprehensive and sophisticated explanations of the political, social, cultural, and biographical contexts that have shaped the composition of the texts studied.

Detailed textual analysis

To maximise opportunities for face-to-face discussion and assistance within our classes, we provide all of our textual analysis in our Course Material. This means that our classes are interactive, targeted and specific to your upcoming assessment tasks. We do not simply recite textual analysis or read out course material for hours at a time. All textual analysis is composed by our state-ranking academics, who provide line-by-line coverage of the HSC prescribed texts to clarify your understanding of the text’s central issues and provide a model interpretation.

Overarching synthesis

Line-by-line analysis is only the starting point when studying your prescribed texts. Synthesis – the ability to combine disparate threads of analysis to extrapolate meaning and produce a coherent and distinct overarching interpretation – is what distinguishes a full-mark response. We provide high-level analysis of the overarching issues and interpretations that are characteristic of A-range essays. In providing higher-order discourse, alongside supplementary academic readings, our Course Material textbooks support you in gaining a sophisticated personal understanding of your prescribed texts.

Exemplary sample essays

Research suggests that the development of writing ability, particularly when composing in a complex or unfamiliar form such as an essay or discursive piece, is most effectively supported when students are exposed to detailed models. We provide model essays, creative pieces, discursive and persuasive pieces, and short-answer responses to offer students a precise understanding of what it takes to achieve full marks.

Essay scaffolds and guides

Our students benefit from course material that has been designed and composed with evidence-based research in mind. The evidence shows that students learn most effectively when they start with controlled and teacher-guided writing, and then gradually work towards independent production. Our Course Material contains annotated essays, essay scaffolds, and essay writing guides to assist you as you gain the knowledge and confidence to independently compose your own A-range responses.

Practice questions and model answers

Each Course Material textbook contains a plethora of practice questions, stimuli, and prompts, familiarising you with the style and level of specificity characteristic of questions in the actual HSC exam.

Exam technique

In our Course Material, our state-ranking academics reflect on their own experiences both studying and teaching English Advanced and provide a detailed explanation of the common strengths and weaknesses they have observed in student responses and practice exams. Better yet, they explain exactly how they did their exams — how much time was spent planning, what was done during reading time, how they determined the quality of their thesis statements, and how much time (down to the second) they allocated to each section of their written responses.

If you are a school teacher enquiring about our Course Material, please contact us here

All-Inclusive Pricing

We keep it simple. Our fees are all-inclusive and secure full-time access to our universal offerings – Group Classes, Supervising Academic services, and Course Material – all up until the day that you sit Paper 2. There are no hidden costs, confusing hourly rates, or additional payments for academic services at any point during your enrolment.

Year 11

$2250 per term

Year 12

$2450 per Assessment Period

(Average figure – exact cost varies with Assessment Period duration)

Each enrolment entails a $220 administrative fee. This is payable at the start of your enrolment at Delta.

What are Assessment Periods?

In Year 12, Delta charges according to Assessment Periods rather than conventional school terms. Assessment Periods are calculated from the date of your previous assessment to the date of your next assessment. This is to ensure that our services are tailored to the order in which your school studies the English Advanced Modules, as it allows us to synchronise our services to each of your internal assessments, your trial HSC examination, and the external HSC examination.

What is your refund policy?

If you enrol at Delta and decide that our academic offerings are not suitable for you, we offer full pro-rated refunds for the period of enrolment that you have not used. For example, if you decide to terminate two weeks into a ten-week Assessment Period, then you will be refunded for the cost of the remaining eight weeks, which would be 80% of the total cost of the Assessment Period. The only non-refundable fee we levy is the $220 administrative fee, which is payable at the beginning of your enrolment.

This means that you are never locked in. We take great pride in the fact that all of our parents and students at Delta are here because they want to be here, and because they find genuine value in our uniquely tailored academic services.

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