Student Amenities

Our physical learning community continues to form an important part of our approach to education.

Despite the convenience afforded by the move to online learning over the past few years, we recognise the continuing importance of an in-person learning experience, when it is safe to provide one. Accordingly, we are undertaking a significant renovation of our Epping centre in anticipation of a return to more regular in-person experiences.

In addition to numerous new classrooms to meet rapidly increasing student demand, our renovated wing is planned to contain a central, substantial student lounge. Given the importance of having a relaxing and supportive setting for study to academic and personal success during Year 11 and Year 12, our student lounge design is equipped with amenities such as independent study booths, chilled and sparkling water on tap, charging ports, printing facilities, and, of course, high-speed Wi-Fi. Delta students will be welcome to drop in at any time when the centre is staffed and even bring their friends to make use of this productive space.